Citadel C04 Thief Thieves Games Workshop Metal Figures Warhammer New Blister A5

Games Workshop Warhammer Great Cannon New Metal Artillery Dwarves GW Dwarf BNIB nrnhug3415-WFB Miniatures

20mm napoleonic french - infantry plastic 36 figs painted - inf (7991)
25mm napoleonic british - light dragoons 8 figures - cav (29410)

Bretonnian foot knight citadel gw knights 1991 red catalogue sword visored helm
Games Workshop Warhammer Staff Polo Shirt XXL Classic Used 1990s Citadel 40K

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15mm ACW union - regiment 36 figures - inf (23966)
  • Games Workshop Citadel PBS3 Warhammer Fantasy Regiments Boxed Army Fantasy OOPFor king and country Warlord games pike and shotte starter armyWARHAMMER ORCS AND GOBLINS SAVAGE ORCS SNOTLINGS SKARSNIK METAL GLOOMSPITE GITZ
15mm WW2 russian - battle group 80 figures - inf (31295)