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Apr 25, 2019

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Russian Iskander-M Tactical ballistic missile Modelcollect UA72105 MZKT 9K720 ntktwt4215-Table Top/Historical

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Neighborhood In Sri Lanka Remains On Edge After Suicide Bombings

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Just over 9 miles north of Luang Prabang, a startling aberration appears: five giant concrete pylons rising out of the water.

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According to Amnesty International, the U.S.-led coalition's offensive against ISIS in Raqqa killed nearly 10 times more civilians than the U.S. military has acknowledged.

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The treaty, known as the ATT, has been in effect since late 2014. The U.S. signed on to the agreement in 2013 but has not ratified the treaty.

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The embassy is also urging U.S. citizens to avoid such areas and large crowds throughout the weekend.


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